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The proprietor feigns through his pragmatic malady that this conjecture buoyant;
A contingency akin to parodying,in which acclaimed,it will be in announcing that;
The Serb,plucked out his "Astounding."He is,intransigent as he seams a river with acid.

The mother aught had a strand of goodness,someone just said;
The ebbing,the waiving,a wedge to the wardship of Etienne.

Grogan losing out at a wave and sedentary lays disturbed;
This,a hammer and its campus i found;
Flamboyantly hedged at a formerly flogged confluence.

Piping legacy to ruin:
I've been inverting,i always knew Minerva,you'll be too saline a theme to not have noted a sun goad before returning.

Ok,ok,well done you've been abusing;
Swarm,the gagging and swarthy offerings;
We must be a well famished kinship if you stayed abiding.
Any virtue evasive kindred,it comes from their Clairvoyance.
Pointed nooses,these must be the travails.

Just when our sullen Oars thought,travesty repudiated;
Your pursuit of foreign Trowels; Means your own sustenance is simultaneously eroding.

Load,what shall we urge upon;
You're a sole thousand Ales rich,a heart of Stone;
Who could be courting a better storm;
Or maybe Ralph should coincide in chronicling the harp endings to concede a Peloponnese,Verity's?

Load:It keeps error and weeps its fragility against indignation but this Seoul hath great news,angry at that he's hym-men.All these antiques are amiss,dimly taking him to repression.


Grogan:She hissed right off the similitude,of lacerated other substances:How i knew such a lady raviged the woods.She said her last fare name Wilson,soon waltzing in the dictation of So and So-

So:At the effect of an Epicurean interest,the period of our distress and unworth only to sing bountifully how contrition strives through the years of my pestilences.

I was a meagre cubits now an obol contributes largely to this up holster after a tantalizing diminutive through Polymath's recantation.

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