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 Some Where A Ghost      8507 Pages Read

                                                    Eternally Gone


        I remember life, it is truly a gift. A gift we actually take for granted .

I should have know this clouded hard head of mine someday would lead me down the path

of destruction.  No one could tell me anything, guess you could size me up as an unskilled

know it all. Our home was rather loving, close, real caring except I never gave

a decent hoot about appreciating a single soul. It was Christmas and yes the season to be jolly.

This flamboyant home so beautifully decorated. In the corner of the living area stood a 20 foot

bedazzling musical tree which rotated with twinkling flashing lights of red, green, blue, bright yellow.


Holly and mistletoe draped banisters leading up to the top of the stairs. Dad looked nice with

hair of silver and styling his new black framed glasses, can sure tell he's ready for the





      Aunt May  motioned all to dinner. We positioned our chairs, everyone sat down at the lengthy

polished oak wood table. Only after grace was said we filled up on a delicious festive meal and talked


about the good ole days,  great grandparents, heritages, and ancestors . Of all the rambling before


proceeding to open presents. Believe it or not I received everything I dreamed of.  How lucky right?


Well I excused myself giving a half -heart smile and headed up the staircase to my room waiting on


dusk to set in for I had some plans of my own like leaving and never coming back. Why should I when


the world even has more to offer?   Well the hour finally arrived so I climbed out my window into the 

cold using an escape ladder I stored away in case of emergency purposes. Once on ground I started

my unknown journey.  I looked over my shoulder one last time but walked on with no regrets or concern.

Temperatures kept dropping.

     I reached into my tote bag seeking my neck scarf and fur lined gloves. Taking a short cut through the

wooded forest seemed the right thing to do as night swiftly grew darker. Snow began to fall


and turned into a monster blizzard. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.

This I didn't count on. Freezing air , chilling so chilling until I could no longer feel my hands or my

right foot. The moon even forgot to shine.  I focused to see if I could spot any of my footsteps but the

prints were all covered with snow. Howling winds penetrated my ears. No signs of creatures,

human beings. deer or animals of any kind.  I was in serious trouble.  Tears filled my eyes. Before me I

noticed a figure. Looks like an elderly woman could this be one of the ancestors my family spoke of ?



     The figure looked me straight in the eyes letting me know things will be alright if I went with her


for I had no other choice. I tried speaking but I couldn't . I tried moving but I couldn't move either.


My life had finally came to a halt. My life has ended. I've crossed over.  I sure don't like it here!


I long for life, I now give a hoot and I lost the most precious gift of ever, my adorable family.


They will no longer be able to squeeze my hand, tickle my nose, cheer me when I'm down  or even


send me to my room which I would gladly give anything for  this very moment! Hard to imagine

I have departed and even harder to believe I am eternally gone.




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