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We welcome the several faces of disaster into our brand new day with Cognac,who relapsed resident numerous digits from you know what; Caldron state in Shreta after that other rivier,Gwynedd.The culture of Olives,these villagers' keenness on the hermitage,isnt just melted in murals,mysteries and mite.Ah,t's the Stoics on rafts,crafted in meek style for the Greek.The laden maiden hails in the kinetic form of whimsical miasmas,with frenetic jumps she makes fumbling frog like.Speaking mandate,spelling of famous clad,brazen excesses and the irks;Before the flowing garland around the necks of gallant river Acis.Moi Femme,said he,reminiscent to once upon a reluctance sensed; Their rugged old Vampire seeps blood from my density as I set foot,etch forth my gut and vein for your domains.The Midge suits its livery ruins wroth over the levy of capillaries I draw from this promontory shoulder width.With radial deep rooted claws,Ventricular jointing and radical Trellised molds where in besought,I thought a Nymph lived.Droplet for dreg I've scanned yet all i had known was scorn and scam,divergent climaxes and reports on climate change.Thus seasons spanned,wasn't I to the suffragette if ever a noun?Bereft of plan and in the illusory of time I've decked on the Port,graced the arid terraces over the thresholds bordering the ashore and rousing emotions expanse,the orb of space.Now pass the fountain of Oak that I quench the tongue parched else tomorrow may never come!
Keith Ranjeni