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 Friends, Foes,Fortes

"That Thyme seed grew besides the chill and salt immersion too." "What circumvent Centaurs,this the bedside of Ceto?" "No,its a movement,not a Revolution.You're still Sentry, tonight I might read your entry on Pollution." Although its said I would have looked cool in Magenta shoes,I chose for you a proper background of the Vista; To go with the plumage,appraise duty and appease of deities. By the way visitors,please tilt your umbrellas,need I adjust the alignment quickly! The filigree by James of Aylesbury allotted the Disc Jockey into place and Melodies-Hongroises; Being the mellow substance that grows on followers these Hymenoptera's sprinkle about in the ablution they've termed Business. There are Flowers whom come with optical lenses and their fellows who'd rather mulch density in the name fecundity and munch; Of shallow wait lists in the narrows; Gross! Ist Persona(Reeling): Our Chalice outflows and I see the bounty set before me,as King,high priest and accolade.Today marks the reinvention of myth and legend.I call out to the boys of Kilkenny bring down a Trill-O'; Let Fiacre and Scotus spill from their pintpots at Hades alongside this scathing fire I've gone to cast.Jack: "We've gotten conquest,the morrow we never saw?" Jill: "I will walk my sorrow and waltz about the freezing Moor with these Villains,marred.For we came as scouts;" Janitor: "Sat over the bog in the dark Ally which binged on stark grey print.And you,were badger at the Buffoon confused from much mulches." 1st Persona (Again): "Adieu,the Kin waves to his kindred Mr Munch Matches snapping fingers beneath the shadowy quarters. Munchies- I condensed the message for the decider and acknowledged that quackery,immobility,the test tubes; Be made of transferrable entity.The material for the manifest figures would profuse the Authoritarian and that's headgear for my elitism" Sentry: "Think in terms of overwhelming numbers dominating charge in the disc's iterations from whose fecal orbits I had found elective?" Interlude: "I'll see you when we get there; I'll Nome non sai!" Once the coronet's vehicle veered and its cecal design of Wheeling logs that propelled this primitive stage,licked the Vinyl; Miasmic with resins,his seat reclined and it's written of the Reindeer,Orion Nebula and the heyday. But once they touch the lair,the Butler brought out a piece of hair caught in the air; Because the King's tributaries drained from fatigue and the dangling lengths of the long drenched thing,nudged on his eager nerves.He would need a bountiful share,straight off the disparate Gait on Fair.

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