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"You regret the mishap; He was Wotan." "Hake?" "Please." "Fillet too?" "Yes." "Scamander!" (Humming;) "I think he's magnified,quite a Bombshell he had swung and urged the class onto the Corsican Pancreas,more scathingly." Slingshots the syncline from a corridor nearer to the Pass; Then on preservation of species obstructs the Canine on the rallying Rapids. The scurried Ledger rose and sat to its nocturnal schedules,as of the wide ruling Agamemnon whom augmented from his camp,watching over the Barrister,a Hammond; With mild words braved the mile and from a wilderness' length took the ghosts to applause. "Reprimand the carriage Coach,once relegated to slumber on tonnes of garbage at a Dumpster. I can't breathe."The Mammoth had said to be wheedled off Stag and gave constant charge of its conspirator.Yet winnowing,could breech a passive circle of possible spectators in the Doldrums. So the bulging Badger with a headland for the Herd gear took to countershading and people to their plight; Lit the firmament of the glowing mind. "I think the Pawn Shop opens all year round.Since we are running short,let's get to the Orient and hire a perspiration instrument." Berate,they bemoan the late Faulkner of the Foxes,relying on Rori roping to intercede at an Avalanche,en-route to Vermont. "Were pain of my planning;"She evacuated the solicitude from the pompousness. "A craft in terraces,like the Scuttler scaffolds; And sorrows a paintbrush with my pout for a Domicile; Trodden,as I am to look at these lives,their Wine and Brine; Sons and daughters-" She sauntered towards the harrowing wheels of the Chariot,past the Brook and now riding so high in contemplation; "You're not alone Number 1.I am not gone away."She said aloud pointed at the giver of Faith; Of pangs in dementia she faced through the grades,then strife and entropy from the days in Demesne.
Keith Ranjeni