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 Men At Work 6

"Until one patenting day Pierre,after completion of select treaties in the outlook of setting up a new fortress with the espousal from a great geeky confluence.The peak of misfortune having been dissected through a discontented oath of Tundras; I assigned,to a reclusive Boursingots well owning to the eccentric edge marking the seaports,a Requiem after their rubric quest in the channel all the way for Bohemian exports." He stayed aghast,fit his pouting grey Mata ignobly into a resplendent couch,oblivious of its sharp,protruding spikes.Puffed and at large with the rest of the crowd,went on to order reruns of the previous operatic renditions at the placement of an Amphibian dish in the derelicts' Panama.The interest with his interjection swelling.Purefoy,housed in a presumably contemplative state,roused drowsily the stasis from their drooling Attic. "So was that the malaise to the marriage,your broken herbage?You shan't be ashamed you were raised to a compromise in comparison with all the impervious stoners.Dolerite,always knew you to crumble in the wake of a challenge. "The story;"She clad,clung to her primroses."A recompense to all loyal followers in the Baltic."The now she ailed beneath her saucer of ascetic acids. "Enough of the Gatsby,I was run by an abstraction in the official records detailing the end of an inspection,every second column.The reign of the second Alarm and the Pansy lad who fancies the weaving of a palm,fond.One plume having wan off; They'd soon know this was Veritas and the boy Ralph.It must be that Plume outweighed to a flagrante by the blend of brutish force we urged on them,rashing it to a miasma."Blurred thought went. "I'd let idle dogs lie,i wouldn't be in the wrong to suspect those people lisped a fat geese out before blind Darth announced to return. But here came the usurped Busch with his borrowed lash,jilting over the tilting strait,to a levee it led.We let him evade although notably that our trans titubation was inequitably repulsed." Alcaemon citing with an ambiance the growing mounds and Moires,announced in his casual airs,how relegated by a commission on ethics,a latest distasteful lobbying of his imbedded steely meshes into a diet:that they were actually seeking to a more severe accentuation of the trade in it's inharmonic taste. "Ah,I mean this was your Chapelry fellow,how would they concur onto pragmatists to conjure up an indefinite union of cosmic elements in the gross sense of the phrase as it occurred in a grammatical error.An ill order for an Appetite and the Amphitheatre. Although being specialisations in resonance and all we should worry about the heaper-toll!" "Buildings,cadenzas,guitars,drums and a percussion into a tapestry of ocherstral sounds could only fit to riddle the extortive Masses to a demise and rue them instead of furthering our extinction."

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