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 Men At Work 7
"Yes,but eyes over here,need is in your spectacles.So much of the particular,this deluge can do with a kick to it's mouth." "Croning right up,what's going on is really stark,remember their teeth halving in enamel,its already at it's howling prime." (yelling.) So ripping an abdomen,Jesse McCartney condemning the victim's pancreas looking alike to a poem- Of a rich riposte; How your modernity contests; Does it clean the streets; Deport the courts onto injustice? "I,I ah; shouldve been wrongfully a-a- acceded to this post.O man,my demeanor,hands and feet?"He mentioned fidgeting."Pudding anyone?"Emergent from some deflating poisonous silk and fuzzy stick,meet the Bluff Tip. "I,I:remember,had just taken my kids s-s-s so- solely to a tale about the lorry and the blind driver."The ghost woke,so searching round about the physical geography of a salty lake,blinded in it's eye by the infuriating miasma of chemiques- "My Seoul,how they said it broke and reverted to a cobbler who passed scathing Rollerblades,signaled to slate."It went on musing and uncertain."Who the wretch;"Semele placated placed strands of secretion along her casual matron's rug."As if a cue over this folding wreath,as if wrath in itself the ramrod I'll use if unconvinced to the following of this culprit.Best believe;"She had stood ballast the head of a Neon."I'll cleave spores,leave stains unmatched,if a marked dermis to it; Regardlessly,ill suits a fragility to sit lonelily on the trellises,especially at such a huge gathering of wheedling orbits- Whats your name and purpose little mate?" "O,dreary nighttime for having a most conspicuous star eclipsed,Minerva. Some groggy old Firm that once was and said- I was on my mid term watch,i may have come for perspective and a lighter imagination in the west- Frugality: From gazing i hailed storming from a Decathlon. How selfsame,the now you Drury princeps dawns a child monster raised in caves." "I stilled,looms a weakling,eerie and weary in my remaking but never doubt the reeking cost your most racking innermost trifling offers a tripling yearlong-"A heavy coinage she cast indiscernibly taking much of her olive skin offals to the variegated scheming. "O,you're the hot head wanted for a blind curve of lethal parameters,the care of a hotbed avowals,obols- drachmas right where I came from steaming past the hot arid shores!" "A simpleton,the guy you're,vested in streaming a lowly life of moles as much as I had envied him to leave the dome of heralding."

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